130% More Facebook Traffic? Let’s Talk About That.

Nov 02, 2021

Facebook groups can be a great way to connect with families in your community and some say they can give a major boost to your Facebook traffic too.  But now that Facebook allows business pages to join groups, should you join as your business or as your personal profile to make the most of the groups opportunity?  

It can get tricky and your choice can have a significant impact on your local marketing success. We'll break it all down in this week's marketing tip.

Looking for even more local marketing tips? Check out this sneak peek from one of the regular calls in the Members Club, our community just for local businesses that market to families.   

We answered questions from members about the following topics:

 ➡️ building an automated, lead generation funnel
 ➡️ increasing conversion from pop-up forms
 ➡️ feedback on setting up a referral program
 ➡️ the best tools to use when creating social media posts
 ➡️ review of a local business website

The Members Club is opening its doors for limited enrollment starting on November 8.  So if you're ready to get your own on-call local marketing team, now's the time to check out the preview and learn more.

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