5 Things Moms Want to See on Your GMB Profile

Aug 03, 2022

The Most Important Information in Your Google My Business Profile


First things first, if you're a local business and you haven't claimed your Google My Business profile, go do it.  Seriously, do it right now.

That GMB profile has a lot of information and it's tempting to fill in the required fields and leave the rest for later.  But that information serves valuable purposes.  

Some of those fields have a big impact on how your business ranks in Google search results including:

  • Business name
  • Categories
  • Website
  • Reviews

To improve your Google search ranking results, don't leave any of those fields blank.

Beyond your search rankings, we know that parents are using Google to research local businesses like yours. 

In fact, our 2021 survey of over 5000 moms across the country found that 75% of moms use Google for local business research.


Once a mom has found your business, what information on your Google profile is most valuable to her?   We asked moms across the country and they said:


65% of moms look at the reviews and ratings on Google about your local business. Reviews are a key part of moms' decision-making processes.

➡️ TO DO: always have recent and positive reviews displaying on your profile and respond to reviews, especially any negative ones.


59% of moms look at the photos on your GMB profile.  Photos are important in developing a sense of what it's like at your business.

➡️ TO DO: post some great photos from both inside and outside your location.  Remember that anyone can post photos to your profile, so keep an eye on what's showing up and flag any inappropriate photos for removal.


    57% of moms use Google to get information about your hours of operation.  This is important to understand because nothing is more frustrating for a mom than loading up the kids to come for a visit only to find out you're not actually open.

➡️ TO DO: always keep your hours updated and accurate on Google as it is the only place many potential customers are checking.


48% of moms are looking for your phone number or email on Google so they can reach out.  If someone wants to connect with you, be sure they can easily figure out how to do it.

➡️ TO DO: include all the ways you are able to be contacted on your GMB profile - phone, email, text, messages...the more you have the better just be sure they are accurate and that you have a system in place to respond to that outreach in a timely manner.


46% of moms are looking for your location info on Google and many are likely relying on their mobile phone and Google Maps to get them to your front door.  

➡️ TO DO: check that your address is accurate on Google, don't send potential customers to the wrong location.

There are many other fields in GMB that moms are using and are important to keep updated when possible.  But when you're dealing with local moms, these five reign supreme.

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