5 Local Facebook Ads We Loved...And Why They're Great

Jul 01, 2021

5 Local FB Ads We Loved


When it's time to fill seats or boost awareness of something new at your business, social media advertising is a great place to turn.  You can set up ads quickly and spread the word to your local community with a small budget in a short amount of time. 

But sitting down to create those ads can feel daunting.  The good news is that it's really not hard to put together a solid ad once you know what to include.

Today we'll walk through five examples of local Facebook ads we recently saw that do a good job of utilizing best practices to create an ad that speaks to their target market in a smart and savvy way.


This ad from Rockin' Jump promises something that moms love, a solid and valuable offer.  Viewers get all the information they need from looking at the graphic – what they get, where they get it, and based on the big smiles and fun, why they should purchase.  The copy is short and sweet but also includes a sense of urgency which always helps to motivate. 


We love the copy in this ad.  It's clear, scannable and the emojis are eye-catching to stop that newsfeed scroll.  But what's also great is the way they are connecting with their potential customers. 

They come right out with a hook of straightening your teeth from home – that's a statement that will make readers sit up and pay attention. 

The graphic is also nicely branded and reinforces the message from the copy of those easy virtual visits.


Social media posts can tend to all look the same but this ad will stop that newsfeed scroll in its tracks.  The vivid colors and unique imagery pique a viewer's curiosity.  

And once they see what the ad is for, it will probably pique their hunger as well.  A great image really can be more valuable than a thousand words when done correctly. 


Social proof is a powerful marketing tool and this ad puts it front and center.  The strong statement about customer loyalty along with carousel images and multiple headlines create an ad that's light on words but heavy on all the right messages.


This ad will catch the eye of anyone from Chicago as soon as they see their hometown skyline.  This business has used the local angle to grab the attention of their potential customers and put their product right in front of that famous landmark view.  

Setting your business apart in a global newsfeed is a smart idea and using recognizable imagery from your community is an easy and fun way to make it happen.

You don't need to hire a professional designer or copywriter to create effective social media ads.  You do need to know who your audience is and why you're reaching out.  Add in some solid value through copy or imagery and you'll be well on your way to successful social selling.

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