Email? Text? Facebook? How Moms Want to Hear From You

Jun 01, 2022

How do Moms Want You to Communicate?

Local businesses walk a fine line between connecting with their audience and turning them off with too much outreach.  One way to ensure you're keeping your audience happy?  Contact them using the platforms they prefer.

We asked moms across the country how they prefer local businesses reach out and there was one clear winner.


57% of moms said email was their preferred method of communication from local businesses.  27% of moms prefer text messages and just 9% of moms put Facebook messages at the top.

Email is the hands-down winner but it's important to look at trends as well.  When we asked this same question in our 2021 survey, email was number one with over 62% of moms and text messages were the top choice of only 19%.  

Text messages are gaining while email is slipping a bit in popularity among moms when it comes to communicating with local businesses.  


For most local businesses, staying connected with your audience, alerting them about promotions, or providing updates should happen via email.

But it also means you should keep an eye on texts as a form of communication especially if you're in the business of appointments (wellness providers for example) or specific events (such as an open house they RSVP'ed for).  Allowing moms to opt into simple reminders via text can be very popular.

The best things you can do to keep a happy and engaged audience?

1.  Build that email list - always work to build your email list so you can reach people anytime you want without relying on social media platforms or other 3rd party options.

2. Email regularly - consistency matters when it comes to email marketing success.  Send regular emails (whether that's weekly or monthly) so your deliverability and open rates will stay up.

3. Think about texts - consider collecting text numbers and thinking about how text could fit into your overall marketing strategy.  We expect to see the preference for text messages continue to rise, you want to be prepared.

Keep your customers happy by understanding how they want you to communicate with them.  When your methods align with their preferences, your messages will be well received and you'll make loyal customers for life.


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