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Jun 10, 2021

How Well Are You Handling Incoming Calls?


 When someone calls your business, it's important to be ready with a plan in place for communicating the right information at the right time.  Nothing turns a potential customer off faster, than a call that goes unanswered during business hours or a voicemail that never gets returned.

But a study by 411 Locals revealed that 62% of phone calls to small and mid-sized businesses go unanswered.  

So how's your local business doing with phone calls?  Do you answer more than the average business?  Do you return voicemails?  

If you're not quite sure how to answer that question, a new tool from Google can help.  Google is now providing data in its Call History Report that will display any phone calls initiated from your Google My Business profile.  

From our annual Local Marketer survey, we know that 88+% of moms use their phones to access the internet and that Google is their go-to research tool. So you're probably getting a large portion of your calls from your Google profile.

Not only does the report show you the call list, but it will tell you if the call was answered, what number the call was from, and gives you an easy one-touch option to call them back.

This easily accessible report can give you clear insight into how you're doing with phone calls and where you might need to focus your attention for improvements.

To access, all you need to do is log into your Google My Business profile and click on "calls" in the left sidebar.  Don't see that option?  You just need to opt-in to the Call History report using the prompt on your Home screen.

Make sure you're not leaving valuable current and future customers on hold and start tracking your phone calls today.

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