Google's Not Sending Traffic to Your Website (And What to Do About It)

Apr 17, 2021

Making Zero-Click Searches Work for Your Local Biz

A recent study released by SparkToro found that 65% of all Google searches in 2020 resulted in zero clicks through to any of the results. 

This is what's known as a zero-click search.  And when you look at mobile searches, the zero click number jumps to 77%.  

We know from our 2021 Moms Online and Looking for You study of over 5000 moms across the country, that 88% of moms use their smartphones to access the internet. 

So if 77% of moms' searches don't result in any clicks to your website, what does that really mean for your local web traffic?


Deep breaths here, the situation is not nearly as dire as it seems.

Google has been steadily providing more and more information in their search results, particularly when it comes to the Google My Business Knowledge Panel that is displayed on most branded local searches.

If a mom is searching for your local business to find out what your hours are, where you're located, what your phone number is, or even to find out what other moms in the area think about you, she can get all of that information (and more!) from Google itself. 

There is no need for her to click through to your website.

So while you're not seeing that traffic to your site, you're still being found by local moms.  Moms that are hopefully taking action by calling, stopping by, or learning more about you. 

And really, it doesn't matter how people take action, just that they find you and do take action.


The most important thing you can do to set yourself up for success in a zero-click world?  Claim your Google My Business profile and keep it updated.  That's it, pretty simple, right?  

One more piece of advice. Despite the popularity of Google to get local business information, websites are still an important part of your foundation marketing. 

Even with the prevalence of zero-click searches, 84% of moms are still going to your website when they research local businesses like yours. 

Keeping up with the ways in which moms are looking for you, means you'll be ready whenever and wherever they are to show off all the great things happening in your business. 

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