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Oct 23, 2021

Moms' Favorite Ways to Communicate with Local Businesses



Attracting potential customers to your local business is one of the five key steps in the Local Marketer Method, the 5-step system that the most successful local businesses use to convert more customers and grow year over year.

So when a mom has done her research, read the reviews, and is finally ready to reach out with questions or to become a customer, you want to be sure you make it easy for her.  

We asked moms across the country to share their preferred method of reaching out to a local business.  The hands-down winner?  Email by a mile.

While 54% of moms might prefer email, there are several other methods that are important to consider.

26% of moms prefer to send a message through Facebook Messenger, 23% want to pick up the phone and call a local business and 21% prefer to stop by in person.


What does all of this mean for your local business?  Moms will use a variety of methods to reach out to your business and you've got to be ready for all of them.  

When it comes to...


➡️ TO DO - Set up a system to respond to emails at least once per day.  Whether it's 15 minutes at the end of the day or right after lunch, set aside a time to answer each and every email the same business day to show moms you're responsive and excited to communicate with them.


➡️ TO DO - Set up an auto-response on Messenger to manage expectations.  Let the sender know when you check messages and how quickly you'll respond. People often expect immediate responses when it comes to messages and texts.  Being transparent about your schedule (and sticking to it!) will show people you're reliable and that you care about getting back to them.


➡️ TO DO - Anyone who answers the phone at your business should be trained to handle basic questions from potential customers.  Nobody available to answer?  Leave a detailed voice mail announcement letting callers know when you check messages and return calls so they won't be left hanging.


➡️ TO DO - If your business is a bookstore, play place, or some other drop-in option, having a prospective customer stop by is a great way to connect and seal the purchase.  But if you teach classes or otherwise operate by appointment only, unexpected drop-ins can create a bit of a headache.  

Train any staff available to greet drop-ins and answer questions.  If there are times, no staff will be available to talk with drop-by visitors, put out a sign to let them know that you're busy but would love to chat and provide the best way to connect.  Or list times you will be able to talk in person if they're able to stop back in.  

Sometimes people just want to make that personal connection so be sure to provide a way to make that happen.


Every mom is different and will choose her own preferred method for communication.  One thing every mom definitely wants?  Local businesses that are responsive and make her feel like her questions and needs matter.  

Structure your communication strategy so that no matter how a mom reaches out, your business shows her some love and lets her know you're ready to serve her family.

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