Here's One Key Takeaway from our Workshop Last Week

Sep 24, 2021

One Takeaway from the 'Local Marketer Method LIVE'  



If you missed Local Marketer Method LIVE, our FREE workshop last week, no worries. We've got your back. The session was chock full of intel to help you reach more parents.

One aspect of the workshop covered how families are using the internet, social media, and technology today... and what they're looking for from local businesses like yours. And much, much more. 

If you want to reach more parents, you've got to understand how they look for businesses like yours.

That way you can make sure your messaging is everywhere they are.

Local Marketer's study "2021 Local Families Online" study results of over 5,000 families from communities across the U.S. found that these were the 5 most important ways local families researched local businesses to decide whether or not to become a customer.  

First stop: "Google".

If a mom is looking for an orthodontist, for example, she will google "orthodontists near me" or "orthodontists" in a X town and check out the list. And then further research the businesses on that list. 75% said this was a primary way they learned about local businesses. 

👉The Takeaway: It's important to have solid meta data and search engine optimization to show up high in google searches.

Next: That potential customer will look at your business's web page or social pages to find out what you business is all about. 57% said this is a critical part of how they research local businesses. 

👉The Takeaway? Your web site and social pages should be up to date and looking good because first impressions matter.

Third: Families will look into ratings and reviews of your business to better understand what others experiences have been. This came in at 54% of families saying this was an important aspect of their research. BUT don't worry moms are reasonable and empathetic.

When we asked how did a bad review affect their view of a business, they said "It depends." They understand and will excuse a bad review or two, knowing that some people are just "the complaining type." As long as the majority of reviews and ratings are positive you're in good shape!

👉The Takeaway? Solicit reviews from your customers on various platforms so you have lots of great ones and parents can see what other moms think. 

Fourth: They ask their friends on social platforms - "Hey can anybody recommend a good music class for my 4 year old?" "Or has anyone had experience with this dance studio?"

👉The Takeaway: Be good to your customers because they are well connected and will be good right back to you. 

Lastly: Parents also said they call or text their friends directly, but only 47% used this method. 

👉The Takeaway? You might think the first step would be to get input from close local friends, but it's not at the top of the list. Parents would rather poll their friends and acquaintances on social media than reach out directly. This further emphasises just how important digital marketing is for local businesses.

All in all, a simple first step to address this research point is to simply... 

⭐Google your business and see where and how your business displays.

⭐Take a step back and look at your social pages and your website as if it was your first time there. What would you think?

⭐Seek out reviews of your business online as a prospect might and see if they represent what you want to portray. And if not, ask some customers who you know have had great experiences, give you a review. 

Then you'll be on your way to thinking through how you can make a great impression every time.

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