How Often Do Moms Want to Hear From Your Local Business?

Jun 28, 2021

How Often to Email Your List


 Everyone has a theory about email.  Don't send too many emails or your list will unsubscribe.  Send them weekly or your open rates will suffer.  Or even the dire warning that email is dead.

Sending email to your list can seem like another mysterious part of online marketing you're too busy to figure out how best to use. 

But building an email list – and hint if you haven't started, you should – is one of the most valuable marketing moves you can make.  

You own that list and can use it whenever and however you want, without being dependent on someone else's changing algorithms or rules.

Plus, moms have been telling us for years in our annual Moms Online & Looking for You survey, that email is their preferred method of communication with local businesses. 

This means email is certainly not dead, but an essential part of reaching your current, past, and future customers.

We asked moms across the country how frequently they want to receive emails from local businesses they're interested in and the answer was a bit surprising. 

A full 80% of moms want to hear from you via email at least once per month and 56% would be happy to get email more frequently than that.

This is great news for you. 

These moms want to hear from you about special offers, business updates, and more.

It also means, that if you aren't emailing your list once a month, it might be time to start.

With email, the key is to be consistent.  Your subscribers are more likely to open your emails if they come regularly.  They'll expect them and your open rates will improve. 

Consistent emailing is also important for the health of your list and to keep those deliverability rates up. 

The bottom line is that moms want to hear from you at least once a month and it's just good email practice to consistently reach out to your list. 

It's a low-cost way to spread the word about new offerings or promotions you've got going on so take advantage of this valuable marketing tool.

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