How to Expand Your Local Social Media Reach

Jan 01, 2021

Get Found on Instagram with Keywords

Ready to be found by more local parents online? If you're marketing to families in your community then that should be one of your ongoing goals. 

Luckily, one of the most popular social media platforms has recently made it easier to get found and we couldn't be happier.

Instagram is moms' number two most used platform when it comes to social media and its usage just keeps growing.  But it used to be the only way to get found on Instagram was if a user searched by hashtag or by your account name.  

But now moms can type in whatever keyword they're looking for, say ukulele lessons, and if you have post captions that include those keywords, there's a good chance you'll show up in the search results. 

This little change can have a big impact on your ability to be found.  Just make sure you're including keywords that parents are using to search for products and services like yours in all of your Instagram post captions.

You can also take advantage of this tool to do a little competitive analysis.  See what keywords your competitors are using and find some you may not have thought about. 

Don't forget about searching for your keywords and seeing what other results you find.  Are local moms asking for recommendations for businesses like yours?  Jump in and engage.

If you're using Instagram, pay attention to this new search feature and make sure you're making small changes to bring new customers to your door. 

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