How to Schedule Social Content & Reach More Local Parents

May 14, 2021

Facebook and Instagram Stories are great ways to reach more local parents on social media. Their increased visibility over regular posts means they provide more opportunities for your message to be seen.  

But for many local businesses, adding Story creation into their weekly social media routine just isn't happening.  Trying to come up with additional content plus the inability to schedule Stories in advance has made their local business adoption relatively low.

Well, get ready for some good news.  Facebook has added the ability to schedule Facebook and Instagram Stories. 

Now you can plan your weekly social media content, spend some time scheduling it then walk away knowing you'll have fresh content, in multiple places, all week long.

To schedule Stories, you need to use the Business Suite app on either a mobile device or on desktop. Create your story as usual and instead of clicking Publish Now, use the scheduling function to select a date and time for your Story to go live.  


It's that simple to get improved reach and visibility for your content on social media. 

Don't know what you should be posting to Stories?  Keep it simple. Use the same content you're posting to the newsfeed. 

Most of your followers aren't seeing your newsfeed posts, so no worries about duplicating them.  Your goal on social media is to have your message seen and the best way to do that is to put it in as many places as possible.  

So the next time you're scheduling out some Facebook or Instagram posts, add a few Stories into the mix and see if you can boost your visibility.  This is definitely one Facebook update we can get excited about. 

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