Moms Are Already Planning For Fall And You Should Be Too

Apr 21, 2021

When Moms are Registering Kids for Fall Activities


While many of us are just warming up to spring and thinking about the upcoming summer, some moms are already planning for the fall and what extracurricular activities their kids will be involved in. 

In fact, earlier this month we asked moms across the country when they are making plans for their kids' fall activities and were surprised to find out that 28% said they're already done and their kids are signed up and ready to roll.

Another 10% of moms are planning to get their fall activity planning completed by April or May.

28% of moms are finalizing fall schedules over the summer.

And finally, 26% of moms are waiting until the fall to make decisions.


Well first, it means you have some time, but would be smart to get busy planning your fall promotions and strategies.

That first 28% of moms are already done so while you might be worried you missed the boat, there are still plenty of opportunities to fill those classes and activities. 

But you do need a plan to appeal to those moms who are "planners" the ones making decisions now through the end of May.  Put together an early bird special just for them.  You don't need a truly unique offer, just give them a discount for committing in advance.

Then make sure you've got a solid offer in place for your summer planners. Nearly a third of moms fall into this category so you want to be ready.

And finally, don't forget about your last-minute moms.  Plan an offer that will work for moms who waited until Labor Day to register their kids for activities.  They'll be grateful you still have options available for them and it makes your marketing message easy to craft when you focus on "there's still time" or "spaces still available."

When you understand when moms are making decisions, you can put together offers that will appeal to them and make this fall your most successful season yet. 

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