One Easy Tool for Connecting with Local Moms

Mar 25, 2021

One Easy Way to Connect with Moms


Messaging tools like Messenger or WhatsApp are growing in popularity and it's not hard to see why.  Their convenience and immediate response capabilities are popular among time-strapped moms. 

But that popularity isn't limited to messaging between friends and family, moms love the convenience of messaging with businesses as well.

Rather than wait for an email or a returned phone call, moms can get a quick answer when they message a business.

In fact, a Hubspot survey found that 90% of consumers feel it's important to get an immediate response from businesses.  

Messaging is an essential tool for meeting these customer expectations.  

Now we know that adding another tool to your already overwhelmed plate for messaging with customers isn't ideal but luckily a new and improved option has recently come online.


Your Google My Business profile has always allowed messaging through the app but its mobile-only usage made it difficult for business owners to manage well and led to low adoption rates.  

Recently Google announced messaging through the Google My Business tool for desktop.  Meaning that now you, or someone from your team, can be working on the computer while simultaneously handling any incoming chats through your GMB page. 

Moms will love your rapid response and you'll love the opportunity to connect.

Before you enable messaging on your GMB profile, make sure you have a plan in place to manage those incoming questions.  Enabling messages and not responding quickly is far worse than leaving the function off altogether.

If you've got a solid plan in place to monitor GMB message activity, then flip the switch and get ready to provide one additional way for future customers to reach out.

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