One Thing Most Moms are Struggling with Right Now

Oct 14, 2020

Want to know the biggest secret of creating successful marketing content?  Understand your ideal customer.  Not just identify who they are but really understand them – their desires, their fears, their challenges. 

And when it comes to moms and their kids, there's one struggle that a majority are currently experiencing. It's all about socialization. 

More than half of moms in our recent survey for the Members Club, our online community for local businesses, said that socialization for their kids is a struggle for them right now. 

School doesn't look the same, extracurricular activities are different and simple playdates and sleepovers have been turned on their head these past eight months.  So it makes sense that moms are nervous about their kids' social skills.

What does that mean for you as a local business?  If your products and services offer opportunities for kids to socialize – whether that's in-person or online – make sure you're communicating that in all of your marketing materials. 

Talk about it on social media, in your emails, in your paid advertising.  Moms might not be thinking about kids' music lessons as socializing opportunities but they probably are.  It's up to you to tell moms how your one on one piano lessons or online art class will actually boost kids' social skills.

And if you haven't been focusing on socialization in your offerings, it might be time to start. 

Think about ways to incorporate social time into your soccer class or your STEM workshop.  Or be sure to boost the social aspects of your one-on-one tutoring times. 

There are plenty of ways to help kids beef up those people skills and experiences.  We know it's something moms are desperate for help with and if you step up and provide it, they're likely to become long-time fans.

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