[PANEL DISCUSSION] 7 Things Moms Want Local Businesses to Know Right Now

Jun 04, 2020

Do you know what one thing successful businesses have in common? 

They know their customers inside and out.  They know what they need, what they’re worried about, and what they want from businesses.  

When you know your customers, really know your customers, it makes reaching them with content they want to see, so much easier.

If you’re a local business that markets to moms, here’s your chance to get a sneak peek into your ideal customer – moms.  We recently held an “Ask the Moms” panel for The Members Club, our members-only community for local businesses that market to parents, where we talked with moms across the country about everything from what’s keeping them up at night to what they wished local businesses would offer.    

And today we’re providing you with the highlights.


There are plenty of things for moms to worry about right now but the top of the list is their kids’ mental, physical, and academic needs.  Challenges associated with sheltering at home and isolation have moms worried about their kids’ social development and so much screen time has them concerned about physical activity too.  Throw in the uncertainty about school and you can see why moms have a lot on their minds.


Moms are split on their readiness to get back out there and socialize, shop, send their kids to camp, and more.  Some areas of the country are more ready than others but each individual family’s comfort level is unique and moms won’t be pushed into something they don’t feel comfortable with.  Overall, moms are most at ease with outdoor activities so anything you can move outside will automatically grab moms' attention.


Moms overwhelmingly want to support your local business.  They love the way you’ve always supported their kids’ sports teams and schools and are ready and willing to love you right back.  They want to make sure your business is still around when life returns to normal.  Don't be afraid to remind them that you're a big part of the community and that you need their help.


The elephant in the room for most moms?  What school looks like this fall.  Most know it won’t look like it usually does and they understand that but the uncertainty is tough.   Moms are facing tough decisions about public school vs private school vs homeschool and what will work best for their families.  Balancing their kids’ academic needs with their family’s safety is a big challenge.


You’ve been working hard these past few months to take your businesses online, to change the way you deliver your products and services through curbside pickup, delivery, and more.  Moms have definitely noticed and they love it.  What’s more?  They want you to keep it up!  They’re really hoping that even though you may be reopening, you’ll still offer your to-go kits and online options. 


The number one thing moms want from local businesses?  Communication!  When they go to your website or your Facebook page, moms want to be able to see what’s happening now.  Are you open?  Do you have safety measures in place?  Are you offering a limited range of products and services?  Whatever is happening in your business, make sure it’s clearly communicated everywhere moms are looking.


Between the unknowns about schools, classes, and camps moms need help from local businesses like yours.  Whether it’s online or in-person classes to fill the gaps where school can’t, childcare for days the kids are home but parents need to work, tutoring, or something else,  Moms will absolutely be relying on local businesses to partner with them to keep their kids on track. 

Understanding the needs of your customers and figuring out how you’re uniquely positioned to meet families where they are and help them along the way will ensure that your local business can thrive in 2020.  Not only that but you can feel good about the role you’re playing in helping kids, families, and your community get through challenging times and come out stronger. 

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