The One Tool Your Local Business Needs to Manage Social Media

Dec 01, 2019

Moms love social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.  Nothing new there. 

And as a smart marketer, you try to post regularly to Facebook and Instagram. 

But how many times have you thought about updating your Instagram page and then put it off because you had to do it from your phone? 

Or maybe you hop into Facebook to answer a new message and 30 minutes of wasted time later emerge from that social media rabbit hole?

Well, Facebook has a tool to make managing both Facebook and Instagram faster and easier.  Creator Studio.

Facebook launched Creator Studio back in the fall of 2018 with limited capabilities but over the past few months has been adding more robust features, including Instagram connectivity which has us taking a serious second look.


When you utilize Creator Studio, you can schedule and post to both Facebook and Instagram – from your desktop or laptop computer.  

This can be a game-changer if you're not the most comfortable using your phone for curating, typing and posting content.

Not only that but you can post to both Instagram and Facebook and can use content previously posted on Facebook to share on your Instagram feed. 

The convenience of being able to take 30 minutes once a week to create all your Facebook and Instagram posts in one place, natively on Facebook, is huge for busy local business owners and marketers.


We've talked before about the increasing importance of private messages including both Messenger on Facebook and Direct messages on Instagram. 

Responding to messages in a timely manner is important as most people expect a fairly quick response.  Creator Studio allows you to send and respond to messages on both Facebook and Instagram in one location.

And while that ability isn't unique to Creator Studio (your regular Facebook Inbox has the same functionality if your IG page is connected to your FB account), by staying out of your Facebook feed, the risk of wasting time or getting distracted goes way down.


Keeping tabs on your metrics is the key to social media success. After all, when you know it you can grow it. 

Creator Studio has robust metrics, especially for videos and once again, they are all conveniently located together for both FB and IG in one distraction-free location.   

When Facebook starts putting effort into one of their tools, we know they're hoping to push people in that direction.   

Nobody wants to be told what to do, but in this case, we agree with Facebook and think Creator Studio is a great way for local businesses to manage their social media presence in this one-stop-shop. 

If you're ready to get started, just head to and see how much time you can save with your social media marketing.

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