The 3 Ways Your Local Marketing is Different

Aug 27, 2021

How to Overcome Local Challenges and Win at Local Business Marketing

Ever read an article about "how to win on social media" or "best practices for advertising" and come away feeling more confused than ever?  You're not alone.  Most local business owners and marketers have run into the same issue at some point.  

It's not because they aren't savvy business people, but because marketing advice isn't a one size fits all concept. 

What works for a large, national business isn't going to cut it for a single location music studio or other local business.



Most local business owners didn't start out as marketers, they started out as artists, doctors, lawyers, chefs, teachers, and other talented professionals.  They've had to pick up marketing skills along the way to see success in business but that isn't where their passion lies. 

 ✅ For most, marketing remains a "have to do" rather than a "love to do" on the daily schedule. 


Another major difference with local business is geography.  Potential audience sizes are limited for local businesses which means they have to be laser-focused on creating the most effective marketing campaigns every time, especially with digital and social media. They don't have the luxury of compensating for low conversion rates with larger audiences. 

✅ They've got one local audience to pull from and need to get it right, the first time and every time to really see marketing success.


And finally, local businesses are almost always working with a small staff and limited budget.  It's amazing what most local organizations can get done with limited resources but it does mean that everybody is wearing a lot of hats.

✅ There's no room for errors or wasted effort.


All these differences in local businesses mean that most marketing advice just isn't going to work.  Many marketing experts focus on global brands or e-commerce businesses and their strategies aren't made for local.  

👉 So if you're looking for guidance as a local business, you need to find resources that are focused on local businesses. 

Because remember, local is different, and with a limited audience and business resources, you have to be hyper-focused on spending your time wisely.  Don't waste your effort with advice and experts that won't help your business.


Despite the challenges that most local businesses face, there are plenty of super successful local companies out there.  The ones that seem to have all of their marketing running smoothly and a steady stream of customers at their door. 

👉 These are the businesses we call the 5%'ers.  

Why the 5%'ers?  We've worked with thousands of local businesses over the years and have found that 95% of the time, businesses are missing opportunities for customer acquisition and revenue growth.  They don't have the systems in place to make all of their marketing efforts work together and to really take it to the next level. 

But the 5% that have figured it out?  The sky's the limit.  They're working smarter not harder and have the results to prove it - continuous lead generation, repeated customer conversion, and steady revenue growth.

How have these 5%er's cracked the local marketing code?  With two things.

First, they've found resources and mentors designed just for local businesses.  They don't have time to waste weeding through the avalanche of marketing advice to find the things that might actually work for them.
👉 They go straight to experts that know local.

Secondly, they know how to look at all the parts and pieces of their marketing efforts and make them work together.  They use a framework, like the Local Marketer Method, to guide their strategy. 

👉 With a step-by-step plan in place to be sure they're focusing on the most important tasks, they have more time to spend in other areas of their business and more success in their business.


1. Learn From Other Local Business Owners

Research and join groups to support local business owners and learn from the shared experiences of the members. These can be in-person groups or online, such as Facebook groups.  Share challenges and successes with others and gain a sense of community along the way.  

Local Marketer has a free Facebook group just for local business owners where you can share online marketing questions, tips and get support.  Join the Facebook group now >>

2. Put Marketing Processes and Systems in Place

Following a process made just for local businesses puts the right focus on key areas of marketing to ensure they're all working together and optimized. 

It sounds obvious but putting repeatable processes and scalable systems in place are essential for getting off that hamster wheel and hitting the goals you've set.

We've got a free resource available that provides the framework we've used with 1000's of local businesses across the country to jumpstart their marketing efforts.  Download the Local Marketer Method Quickstart Guide for free now >>

3. Find a Mentor or Coach

There are numerous ways you can find a good mentor or coach such as working with a marketing agency, hiring a consultant, or just reaching out to a successful local business owner directly. Having someone to bounce ideas off, provide feedback and offer support is invaluable for any business owner.

We've also got your back in this area. We're kicking off a hands-on,  high touch coaching program on September 30th.  If you want to be the first to know when the limited spaces open for enrollment, join the waitlist and we'll send you the details as soon as they are available.  Join the waitlist now >>

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