The Most Important Role in Your Local Business

Sep 30, 2021

The Most Important Role in Your Local Business



How much time are you spending as the visionary for your business?

That person who sets the tone and makes goals for the future.

The one who communicates the big picture to your team and encourages them to work together to achieve it.

We asked local business owners how frequently they were allocating time to "being the visionary" and strategic thinking about their business. 

50% of respondents said they were making time each week for this all-important task. 

What's more, of those businesses that said they are much more successful than their competitors, 62% are doing visionary thinking each week. 


You started your business for a reason.  A reason you're passionate about.

Keeping that fire and passion alive in your business is what being a visionary is all about. 

Visionary leaders see the potential when others may not.  They keep a business moving towards the next stage, even if that next stage isn't clear to anyone else.

A business with a visionary leader is able to attract the best employees and inspire them to work hard and achieve goals.

Businesses that don't have a visionary get stuck in the day to day tasks and fall behind competitors.  

Without visionary thinking, business owners tend to work for their businesses rather than work on their businesses.


So how do you become a better visionary for your business?

  1. Know Where You Want to Be- know what you want the business to look like in 6 months, 1 year and 3 years. This is the time for big-picture thinking.  Get those dreams out of your head and into action.
  2. Goal Setting - make a regular practice of setting goals so you can continue to work towards that long-term vision.  Weekly, monthly and yearly goals should all be part of your routine.  
  3. Communicate - tell your team, even if it's just one or two other people, about the vision.  Get everyone on board and working with you to move the business forward.
  4. Embrace Learning- keeping up with what's new in the industry will spark your own creativity and help with your goal setting.  Having a learning mindset and continuing to educate yourself is critical for any leader. 


The most important aspect of being a visionary is moving toward that vision and keeping it front and center.

And in everything you do, you need to ask yourself, is what I'm working on going to move my business forward and help me attain my big goal?

If not, stop working on it. Your business will thank you.

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