The Perfect Local Promo + FREE Gift

Nov 21, 2020

Holiday shopping looks a little different this year with even more online purchases than usual, potential shipping delays, and various COVID regulations causing challenges for everyone.   

The good news?  Support for local businesses is as strong as it's ever been with moms wanting to keep their holiday dollars close to home.

And there's one thing you can sell that will avoid many of 2020's shopping headaches for your customers – gift cards.  Moms (and other shoppers) love gift cards and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  1. No worries about slow shipping
  2. Works for any budget
  3. Can be purchased in-store or online
  4. Perfect for last minute shoppers
  5. Works for products or services
  6. Allows for flexibility with COVID issues through 2021
  7. Opportunities for experience gifts that are increasingly popular

Need another reason to include gift cards in your holiday promotions?  They're easy for you, the business owner or marketer.  And we're making it even easier with some free drag and drop graphic templates.

These templates can be used in all your paid or organic social media posts on Facebook or Instagram, you can post to your website or even include them in your emails. 

Just click the link below and follow the instructions on the page to create your professionally designed, personally branded promotional graphics.

And that's it.

So get busy crafting your gift card promotion for this holiday season and boost your revenue while helping busy moms check off their to-do lists with a purchase they'll feel great about.


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