Want a Clear View of Your Social Media?

Jul 15, 2021

Get a Clear View of Your Social Media

 Having a consistent schedule and plan in place for posting to social media is important in seeing success.  Posting four times one week and just once during the next isn't a recipe for engaging your audience or hitting your goals.

One of the easiest things you can do to implement a more consistent strategy is to schedule your social media posts and for that, we recommend using Creator Studio, Facebook's free native scheduling, and creative tool.  

For an overview of Creator Studio and how you can use it to manage your local social, check out this article we published previously.

But now, Facebook has added a new feature to Creator Studio that has us doing a little happy dance - the calendar view.


What's all the fuss about a calendar? This weekly or monthly view is the perfect way for busy local business owners and marketers to quickly and easily see when and what types of social media posts they've published or have scheduled for the future. 

The familiar calendar layout helps you better understand how well you and your team are doing with consistent social media content.

In one quick look you can see how many posts you published each week and how well those posts performed. 

The calendar function isn't a replacement for diving into your detailed post insights, but is great for an overview and quick check-in.

For most local business owners and marketers managing just a few social media accounts, Creator Studio continues to be a fantastic (and free!) tool to make your marketing tasks easier and more efficient.  

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