Want a Winning Local Offer Like This?

Aug 12, 2021

One Local Offer We Love and Why It's Great

Your inbox and newsfeed are likely filled with promotional messages and it's easy for them to blur together and get overlooked.  So when a promotion comes through that actually gets noticed, it's a great chance to take a second look. 

This recent promotion from Sylvan Learning is one such example.



  1. Clear, Simple Offer
    Worried about your kid's academic status?  Get a checkup for $49.  No buy one get one, no refer a friend, no percent off - just $49.  Parents can understand this offer quickly and that's important.

  2. An Offer Parents Actually Want
    It's easy to put together an offer that sounds good on paper but unless you know someone actually finds it valuable, it won't be a success. 

    In this case, we know parents are concerned about their kids' academic success and in the midst of a pandemic that's only heightened.  The company is using the current public health situation, back-to-school season, and normal parental concerns to create an offer that will likely resonate with many parents.

3.  Local Imagery
The image in the promotion features a local business building that will likely be recognizable to the target audience.  Familiar images cause people to stop and say "hey I know that place!"  And sometimes just getting that brief pause for a second look is all it takes to really pique a potential customer's interest. 

  1. Message Match
    Clicking through for more information is often where local business promos lose their steam.  In this case, the company gets it just right.  The user clicks through expecting to find more information on redeeming this $49 offer and that's exactly what they get.

The copy and messaging match what was displayed in the ad, confirming that they are in the right place.  There are clear instructions on what to do next to take advantage of the offer and additional information on exactly what you'll get for your $49.  

  1. Sense of Urgency
    The offer says it's for a limited time only and that's important.  How many times have you seen a promotion that interests you but not quite enough to take action right away?  That's where urgency comes in.  Whether it's limited time or limited inventory, the sense that you might miss out is a powerful one when it comes to purchasing.


Still feel like you need more inspiration to put together a great offer of your own?  Keep an eye out for those promotions - local or not - that catch your eye. 

Pay special attention to the ones that stop your scroll or make you open the email.  What are they doing right?  Clear and valuable offer?  Sense of urgency?  Great message match and landing page?

Figure out how to incorporate those elements into your own offers and be ready for your most successful promotion yet.

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