What 80% of Moms Are Worrying About Right Now

Aug 10, 2020

Most parents and educators are familiar with the "summer slide," that loss of academic progress over the summer months.  Well this year, everyone is worried about the "Covid slide" the loss of kids' progress since school let out in most communities back in March. 

The members in our community, The Members Club,  just for local businesses that market to parents and families, wanted to know exactly how concerned parents are about the Covid slide, so we asked.

Turns out, they're pretty concerned.  In fact, 80% of moms are at least slightly or more worried about their kids' academic progress.  And one-third of moms are very or moderately worried.


What does this all mean for your local business?  Well if you're in education or tutoring, parents are looking at you to lead the way and help them get their kids on track. 

But even if your business doesn't necessarily sell products or services that are directly educational, you can still remind parents how they can bring about a positive effect on kids' academics. 

For example, if you teach sports classes, share an article that touts the educational benefits of playing a team sport.  If you run an art studio, educate parents on the academic improvements that come with artistic endeavors. 

Parents need help from local businesses now more than ever and knowing what's on moms' minds will help you find a marketing message that works. 

Right now anything that's related to school will catch their attention so use your own skills and resources to provide parents with assistance in boosting their kids' academic progress and they'll be sure to tune in.

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