What Local Promos Do Moms ❤️?

May 04, 2022

Local Promotions Parents Love

When you're planning your next promotion, the possibilities are endless.  Do you offer cash discounts, bonus coupons, loyalty rewards, free samples, charitable donations?  The list of options goes on and on.  

The best promotion is the one that your customers really want.  What are local parents looking for?  We asked over 5000 moms what their favorite local promotions are and there is a consistent theme among their top choices.


Moms' favorite local promotion?  Simple percent-off discounts. 

Free trials came in at number two and free products at number three.

Raising kids is expensive and if moms have the opportunity to save some money on the products and services they love, they'll jump at the chance.


But remember it's not as simple as slapping a 20% off discount on a product or service and calling it a day.  Effective offers have several core elements.

1. Keep it simple - one reason percent or dollar discount offers succeed?  They're super simple and easy to understand.  Steer clear of complicated arrangements (refer 3 friends and get 10% off for each friend that purchases at least $50 worth of classes...confused yet?).

2. Offer real value - discounting products or services nobody wants won't be very successful.  Effective offers provide real value on the things parents want or need.

3. Sense of urgency - most of us need a deadline to take action.  If we know we can cash in our $20 discount any time, then what's the rush?  But tell a mom she only has one week to take action and it's much more likely your offer will convert.

4. Reasonable commitment - when it comes to purchasing for kids, parents are wary of overcommitting.  If your offer is "save 50% off tuition when you enroll your child for 12 weeks of surf camp" it may not perform as well as you thought.  Why?  It's a great discount, but what parent wants to commit their kid to three months of an activity they might hate?  Try a one-week free trial or something requiring less commitment upfront.

The next time you're planning a promotion, think about what moms really want from your business.  Then craft an offer with the core elements and you'll be on your way to selling out in no time.

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