What Moms Want to See on Facebook From Your Local Biz

Jun 17, 2021

What do Moms Want to See on Social Media?


It seems like everyone has their own secret formula for boosting reach and engagement on social media.  But the best way to understand what your target audience wants to see and interact with is simply to ask them. 

So that's exactly what we did.

We surveyed moms from across the country to find out what types of content they like to see local businesses post on social media.

Their number one answer, with 90% of moms raising a virtual hand, was content around deals and coupons.  Not a big surprise there, moms love to save a buck and if they're able to support their favorite local businesses and save a few dollars at the same time, they're definitely all in.

But there are plenty of other types of content moms want to see besides deals.  71% want to discover information about their local community.  63% are interested in seeing updates about your local business. 

Reading educational articles and viewing entertaining content each came in at 46%. Other content that interests moms included staff intros and updates, live video, and student or client success stories.


We just revealed a lot of information and you might figure it's easiest to post a coupon once a week and call it good.  But you'll be missing out on a lot of opportunities to reach local moms and connect with them if you stick to only one type of content.  

Posting that promotional content about deals and offers is great, but you need to add other content into the mix as well.  Remember, the whole idea of social media is to be social.  

So share an article about a new store that's opening in town that might be of interest to your audience.  Post an update about what's new in your business this month.  Share a funny meme or educational article.  

You don't have to come up with creative new content every day of the week.  Decide how many times you want to post each week (3-6 is a good number) then map out what type of content you'll use for each post.  

Anytime you see an interesting local article, funny post, or expert opinion, share those to your own page as posts.  We know that's what moms want to see and it doesn't get much easier than sharing.  

Delivering the content moms want doesn't need to be a full-time job.  Make a simple plan and start connecting with moms in your community.

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