What Time of Day Are Moms Reading Email?

Mar 20, 2022

When Do Moms Read Email?

When to send email is one of those constantly debated marketing questions.  And for good reason.  You don't want to work hard on an email only to have it buried in an already overloaded inbox.  

Every expert has an opinion on the optimal email send time but instead of asking experts, maybe you should ask your audience.  We asked moms across the country what time of day they prefer to read and write/respond to email


When it comes to reading email, moms have a very clear time preference.  52% of moms say they prefer to read email before 8am.  The second most popular time (30%) was a tie between 8-10am and after 8pm. 


Reading email is only part of the game.  When do moms write or respond to email?  

There were two times that moms rate as tops when it comes to writing and responding. The first, with 35%, was after 8pm and a very close number two (34%) was 8-10am. 


What does this all mean for your local business?  Ideally, you'll send email when moms are most likely to read it - and that means early morning.  

➡️ Consider scheduling your emails to land in mom's inbox right as she's starting her day, maybe 6:30 or 7am.  

But it's also important to consider the content of your email.  What do you want someone to do after they read it?  

Will it take some time or thought? Do you want them to register for a class or camp?  Fill out a survey?  Make a purchase?  

Or is it something that requires less effort like an update email or a discount to use later?  

Remember what moms said about responding to email?  That also applies to taking action on an email.  Moms aren't too likely to fill out a lengthy survey or commit to a two-month summer camp while laying in bed in the morning.  

➡️ If you're hoping for mom to take action, remember that 8-10am or after 8pm might be your best times to try.

What we definitely know from this data?  Sending email during the midday or early evening is not your best bet. Moms are busy shuttling kids around, dealing with cranky toddlers, or working.  

The best time for you to send an email will depend on your own unique audience.  But always keep their day in mind and try coordinating your email strategy with moms' schedules.  

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