Social Media Image Sizes for Local Businesses in 2021

Mar 12, 2021

Social Media Image Sizes for 2021



If pixels, aspect ratios, and resolutions have your head spinning, you're not alone.  Making sense of social media image terminology and best practices is confusing

Most local businesses don't have the luxury of handing off their marketing ideas to a graphics department to create.  You are the graphics...

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When are Moms Planning Kids' Summer Schedules

Mar 03, 2021

When Moms are Planning Summer Activities

 It might seem early but moms are already in the middle of planning summer activities for their kids and families. 

In fact, we surveyed moms across the country and found that by the end of February, 38% are already done planning.  So if you haven't gotten your summer promotions finalized, you may have missed the boat. 

But all's not...

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Google My Business Post Changes & How They Affect Local Business

Feb 26, 2021

Google My Business Posts No Longer Expiring



Keeping your Google My Business profile updated and packed with fresh content is a smart move for local businesses. 

Not only does it help with your visibility to local families, but having an active profile gives your Google search ranking a serious boost. 

One of the valuable ways...

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Checklist: How Prepared is Your Biz for Online Marketing Success?

Feb 18, 2021

How Does Your Local Online Marketing Measure Up?


We often hear local businesses say they don't need to have a comprehensive marketing plan.

They're posting to social media and sending out emails.  They've got a website and a snappy logo and figure that ought to cover it.

They're partially right.  All of those things are important but the thing is,...

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Goodbye FB Likes, Hello New Page Experience

Feb 10, 2021

Facebook recently announced the rollout of their "New Page Experience" which means more changes for all of us to adjust to. 

They claim this update provides easier navigation, more "actionable insights" and better safety features among others. The biggest headline in this release is the announcement they'll be removing page likes which has caught some people off guard. 

So let's break...

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Do You Know How Much Your Customers are Worth?

Feb 03, 2021


Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is one of the most critical metrics for a business, yet only 32% of local businesses say they know how much a customer is worth to them according to our 2020 State of Local Online Marketing Report. 

So, what is Customer LTV? 

The LTV of a customer is simply, on average, how much a customer spends with...

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9 Things Your Customer Does Before Buying

Jan 29, 2021


The typical customer journey is characterized by several stages:

  1. Awareness – becoming aware of the need to solve a problem or desire to enhance/change their life in some way. 
  2. Consideration – researching the options that exist to solve their problem
  3. Decision – deciding which option they will use and making a purchase

Depending on your...

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Ready to Grow Your Business 30% Faster?

Jan 25, 2021


Every new year should start off with a look back at the prior 12 months and a look forward to the year ahead.

How did we do last year?
And what do we want to achieve this year?

Those two simple questions are the start to set yourself up for success for your next 12 months.

Whether it's the beginning of a calendar year, the beginning of your...

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The Most Important Role in Your Local Business

Jan 13, 2021


How much time are you spending as the visionary for your business?

That person who sets the tone and makes goals for the future.

The one who communicates the big picture to your team and encourages them to work together to achieve it.

We asked local business owners how frequently they were allocating time to "being the visionary" and strategic thinking...

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Top 5 Local Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Jan 08, 2021

Here we go, a new year (thank goodness) and while things are still challenging for many of us, with hope on the horizon, we're laying out some of the top local digital marketing topics and trends we expect to see in 2021.  



If 2020 taught us anything, it's that small businesses need to be flexible and agile in their strategies and operations to...

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