Email? Text? Facebook? How Moms Want to Hear From You

Jun 01, 2022

How do Moms Want You to Communicate?

Local businesses walk a fine line between connecting with their audience and turning them off with too much outreach.  One way to ensure you're keeping your audience happy?  Contact them using the platforms they prefer.

We asked moms across the country how they prefer local businesses reach out and there was one clear winner.


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What Local Promos Do Moms ❤️?

May 04, 2022

Local Promotions Parents Love

When you're planning your next promotion, the possibilities are endless.  Do you offer cash discounts, bonus coupons, loyalty rewards, free samples, charitable donations?  The list of options goes on and on.  

The best promotion is the one that your customers really want.  What are local parents looking for?  We asked over 5000 moms...

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Online Reviews: Does Your Local Biz Get 5 Stars?

Apr 08, 2022

How Important are Online Reviews?

Are online reviews and rankings really that important for your local business? 

Well, we asked over 5000 moms in our recent survey, Moms Online and Looking for You, and over 90% of them said that online reviews influenced their purchasing decisions. 

So yes, online reviews and rankings are very important for local businesses trying to reach moms.


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Does Print Media Still Work for Local Businesses?

Apr 02, 2022

Can You Reach Moms with Print in 2022?

We all know that newspapers have declined in importance in today's internet-driven world. 

But it's hard to grasp just how much they have diminished in popularity.

In 1984, newspaper circulation reached 74% of all US households.  In 2018, that number was just 24% of households and falling.

In fact, weekday newspaper circulation dropped 12%...

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5 Tools Moms Use to Search for Local Businesses

Mar 24, 2022

The Art of Being Found

This week's tip is understanding the resources moms use to find local, kid-friendly businesses like yours.

Once you understand that, there's a whole lot you can do to improve your chances of being the answer to their search.

So how do moms search for local, kid-friendly businesses? We asked over 5000 moms across the country and they said these five tactics reigned...

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What Time of Day Are Moms Reading Email?

Mar 21, 2022

When Do Moms Read Email?

When to send email is one of those constantly debated marketing questions.  And for good reason.  You don't want to work hard on an email only to have it buried in an already overloaded inbox.  

Every expert has an opinion on the optimal email send time but instead of asking experts, maybe you should ask your audience.  We asked moms across the...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Success with Canva

Mar 09, 2022

5 Ways to Use Canva for Social Media Success

Wish you could create drool-worthy social media posts?  Professional-looking Facebook cover images?  Well quit dreaming and start using Canva.  This free tool is one of our faves and the following five content examples will show you why.


Take your regular Facebook or Instagram image posts up a notch when...

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5 Steps to Turn a Negative Local Review Into a Positive for Your Business

Mar 03, 2022

Turn Negative Reviews into Wins for Your Business

Online reviews are an important part of local business marketing these days. In our annual survey, Moms Online and Looking for You, moms repeatedly share just how much online reviews influence their decisions when evaluating local businesses for their kids. 

So when you see a negative review pop up on Google, Facebook,...

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3 Things the Best Local Websites Always Include

Feb 24, 2022

3 Things Your Local Website Needs

According to our 2022 survey, Moms Online and Looking for You, moms are spending more time online than ever before.  That increased online time includes how they're researching local businesses like yours.

Instead of dropping by to check out your facility or stopping in at your location to learn more, parents are relying on what they find online.


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When are Moms Planning for Summer Activities?

Feb 19, 2022

When Moms are Planning Summer Activities

It might seem early but moms are already in the middle of planning summer activities for their kids and families. 

In fact, we surveyed moms across the country and found that by the end of February, 32% are already done planning.  So if you haven't gotten your summer promotions finalized, you may have missed some opportunities. 


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